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Panono Camera

Panono is a company I co-founded to commercialize the Throwable Panoramic Ball Camera, my thesis project. Panono developed, produces and sells the Panono 360 Camera 16K.

Check out some of the best images created by Panono users.

This is what the press said:

Creating 108 megapixel (16K), fully spherical, panoramic photos, Panono launched as the highest resolution 360 camera commercially available. The camera works together with the Panono Cloud to stitch images using an in-house developed stitching algorithm. The camera is used by clients like Getty Images, Red Bull or BMW.

While at Panono, I led the software, electronics and mechanics development for the Panono 360 camera and successfully launched the camera and cloud infrastructure.

AM3352, Spartan-6, 36x 3MP camera modules, …
Firmware, Apps, Stitching, Cloud Backend + Frontend
Jonas Pfeil
Björn Bollensdorf
Qian Qin

(~30 people peak)
2012 – 2017